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Mezric11 - Staff Application



Your name:

Your age:


Your current Minecraft username:


Do you have the ability to record video?:

Yes, I use free cam to record my screen.

What is your Country Abbreviation and Time Zone? (E.g. UK - GMT):


How much time per day are you willing to assist in the moderation?:

7 hours

How long have you been playing Minecraft?:

9 years

Do you have any bans on our server? (If so, explain. If you have had a successful ban appeal, please provide a link):


Have you been a member of another community’s staff, or have relevant work experience? If so, please describe your experience. (Be sure to include your position, server name, length of time served, and a link to the community’s website if available):

I used to be a chat moderator on a Twitch streamers called datguyghost, who regularly had 20+ people in his stream. I maintained this position for 2 months, until he decided to terminate his channel.

Why do you want to be a moderator on CraftersCove?:
So I can help people out whilst fishing. I also want to help out the server owners.

Why do you believe you are qualified to be a moderator on the server?:
I tend to bevery active, calm (not cocky or obnoxious). I'm more of a neutral person, social, and I have the knowledge to help others out.

How would you like to see the CraftersCove community improve?:
I want to see a community in which everyone desires to talk and fish. One where people stick around, and enjoy socializing on the server.

What are 3 qualities you have that you feel you could improve?:
I have a hard time saying no to requests and often end up taking on too many burdens. I also could use more experience in providing constructive criticism. I have difficulty when approaching an ambiguous assignment or task.

In each scenario, assume that you are in a Moderator position. Briefly, explain to the best of your abilities how you would respond to each situation.

1. You are playing a game and you see a player whose actions seem suspiciously like hacking. However, you are not quite certain. What do you do?
I would use /v to inspect the players actions, then determine if they are hacking. If it is something I cannot recognize, I would screen record and share it with the owners for a second opinion.

2. A player on the forums publicly accuses you of abusing your powers. They claim to have proof and are demanding that you be fired. What do you do?

I would ask them to present their proof to the server, and I would make my defense. If the server demands I be fired, I shall accept my fate.

3. Two players on Discord are verbally fighting in a public channel with 5 other people, and things are getting out of hand. What do you do?

Move them to another channel, or ask them to take it to their private messages. I will also try to settle the situation.

4. You are watching the newest video of your favorite Streamer / YouTuber, who happens to be a popular player on the server. Suddenly, you realize they are using a hacked client during the recording. What do you do?
I would consult with the owners, then ban him/her. Their popularity doesn't matter in the face of justice.

5. A player is incessantly spamming an annoying phrase over and over again. How would you handle this player?
I would ask them to stop. If they don't, I will simply mute them for a short time period.

I, Scott , accept the responsibilities by donating my own time by watching over the CraftersCove Community and agree that the abuse of my powers may result in a demotion, permanent ban from the server, and/or removal from the website. I also agree that by donating my time I am not entitled to compensation of any form nor am I to expect promotion.